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Is cruising on your bucket list? If so, you’ll want to check out the incredible experience on NCL Encore Haven. This ship offers a unique twist on cruising that will make your trip unforgettable. 

From the moment you step on board, you’ll be treated to world-class service and amenities that will make your vacation special. 

Whether you’re relaxing by the pool or enjoying a meal in the restaurant, you’ll feel like royalty. So what are you waiting for? Book your cruise today and see why NCL is the top choice for cruisers around the world!

I just came off an Alaskan cruise where I stayed in the Haven for my 2nd time. I was so impressed again that I couldn’t resist blogging about it again to let you know how amazing the Haven amenities are.I hope you enjoy part 2 of The Incredible Experience on NCL Encore Haven.

 It all starts from the moment you step on the port.

I like to cruise and leave out of Miami but that doesn’t always happen. When going to Alaska we sailed out of Seattle. The cruise port is not as big but you’re still treated top-notch.

After dropping off our bags with the porter, we had to go through security just like anyone else but after that is when the real fun started.

While walking with everyone to go check-in, we were grabbed and taken to another room that said NCL Encore Haven Check-In.

We walked up to the desk, where they told us to have a seat on the comfy seats, where one of the workers came over to us and with his tablet checked us all in, a party of 5.

While waiting, they had pastries and juices/coffee for us to enjoy.

Time to get on the ship

After sitting and waiting for a little bit, it was time to get on the ship. They announced for us to line up where they had a worker escort us all the way to the ship. We walked straight on where we were taken to the elevator.

Not just any elevator but one that was roped off and said Haven guest only, that took us straight up to the 17th deck where the Haven Proper is located. Also had a butler operating the elevator who was interested in us asking us questions, like, where are we from? Have you sailed NCL before? Have you stayed in the Haven before? Anything to make us feel at home because for the next week this is where we are calling home.

Time to meet the NCL Encore Haven staff!

Now, this may not seem important to a lot of people but it’s nice to see how you’re going to be treated from the start. They took us to the Haven observation where the conseriege had a small talk with us to let us know that they are there for all our needs.

They explain to us that as NCL Encore Haven guests we can either eat lunch at the Haven restaurant or we can eat at the American Diner which is a specialty restaurant. We chose to eat at the American Diner since we haven’t eaten there before.

After eting it was time to explore. We walked all through the Haven to check it out and went to our room to see it. A 2 bedroom villa for 5 adults. I was worried if it was going to be too small but I was very happy with the size of it. Not once did I think it was too small.

Meeting our NCL Encore Haven Butler

While we were checking out our room we heard a knock on the door. It was our butler and room steward. They were asking us if we had any requests. We were pretty simple. All I asked for was some chocolate milk, Pepsi, and M&Ms. Sure enough, in a couple of hours, it was in our room for us.

The room steward asked us what beds we were going to be using so he could get the beds made up every night. Another request, we are a coffee-drinking family, and after the first day when we had to go looking for coffee after drinking the coffee from our room. We asked Charlie (our butler) if he could bring a couple of pots of coffee the next morning.

Sure enough the next morning there were 2 pots of coffee waiting for us when we woke up. We found out that 2 wasn’t enough and then he would bring us 3. Loved the care we received from the butler and room steward. Every day when we would see them in the hallway or anywhere in the Haven they would always make a point to call us by name and acknowledge us.

How about a drink

My wife and I decided to stop and get a drink from the NCL Encore Haven bar and take it up to the private sun deck where we could look and see the beauty that surrounded us. Can you believe that there is staff walking around the sun deck taking drink orders and bringing them to you?

That’s exactly what the Haven offers. Talk about making me lazy… But that’s what they do. Up on the private sun deck there are plenty of seating, covered and uncovered. 2 hot tubs and even a smoking area for those who smoke and don’t want to go to the 16th or 8th deck. It was a great place to be to catch the glaciers while sailing through, Glacier Bay, Alaska or seeing ocean blue water while sailing in the caribbean. 

Other benefits of being in the NCL Encore Haven

Want to catch a show in the theater like Kinky Boots or Choir Of Man? No worries, just go down 30 minutes early and they have special seating for NCL Encore Haven guest. 

Want a speciality diner? No Problem, tell your concierge and they will make reservations for you for the time you want. Even if it say’s reservations are full. They always get you in.

How about the speedway? Yes, we made a group of friends in the Haven that the staff was calling us “The Crazy Ass Group”. They had a sign up list at the concierge that we would tell them and they added up the people and called to make reservations for us.

Getting off the ship at a port? Easy Peasy, go to the concierge desk when you’re ready and they take you to a special elevator that takes you directly to the exit to get off the ship. No lines.

NCL Encore Haven Restaurant 

Others may have different opinions on this subject, but in my opinion the NCL Encore Haven restaurant is better than any speciality restaurant. Breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Always open to feed you.

You may even finding yourself with your favorite server. We met a server (Mylene) on our last cruise on the NCL Encore Haven and she was on the Alaskan cruise when we returned. You know what? She remembered us and remembered our drinks and what we liked from the last cruise. My wife even had her information from our last cruise and kept in touch and when we went this time, we contacted her to see if she needed anything from the mainland.

She asked for coffee creamer. Is that all? I was thinking. So I went to the store and bought her snacks along with her coffee creamer and we put a gift card in from Amazon so she could get what she wanted.

The people on these ships are away from their families and work hard to make sure you have and enjoyable experience. We like to reward them for their efforts. So tipping is a huge belief I have. We always tip our butler, concierge, room steward, bar tenders, and servers. It’s my way of saying thank you and for a job well done. Keep in mind. It’s not something you have to do, we just like to do it.

image of photo of my wife and I with our server Myleene for the postThe Incredible Experience On The NCL Encore Haven Pt. 2

Wrapping it up

I could go on and on about the NCL Encore Haven experience, but you would be getting bored reading. But if you haven’t, and you’ve always wanted to experience the Haven, then what are you waiting for? Price? Yes, the NCL Encore Haven is a little more pricey but for what you get in return is well worth it. No, we didn’t start cruising in the NCL Encore Haven.

We did serval cruises being in the main area of the ship and we loved it as well, but always wanted to see what the Haven was all about. After sailing in the Haven, we (my wife and I) decided that the Haven is the only way we sail from now on. We just budget for it and know we’re going to pay a little more than others. But well worth it in my opinion. How about you? Have you sailed the NCL Encore Haven before? If so, what did you think? Happy sailing, and remember that it’s not always about the destination but the Journey it takes to get you there!

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